Apr 30, 2013

Trent's email 4/24/13

Thanks for the email!  I like knowing what´s going on with you guys.  You´re so diligent!  I really appreciate it.
Also, thank you for the extra money, and the package.  And all the packages.  I love getting packages =)  
Teaching in my new area... it´s teaching.  Sometimes, it´s incredible, uplifting, and extremely spiritual; sometimes, I feel like I´d have more success and less of a headache by knocking down a cement wall with my own skull.  It´s all dependent on the person I´m teaching.  We recently dropped quite a few investigators and are still looking for more. I love teaching families, because the Gospel really was made for families, and when a family joins the church together, they´re much more likely to keep each other active.  Last night, I was on an exchange with our ward mission leader, and we helped the investigator (whose wife is a member) understand the importance of baptism through Christ´s example, and he said he wants to do it.  I don´t know if he will, because he was hesitant, but he seemed to understand.  He´s been coming to the last 30 minutes of Church, hopefully that will change this next week.
Rachel Pulsipher!  It´s been awhile since I´ve heard about that family.  I´m glad that things are going well for her!  Wow, getting married.  So many people are going to be married when I get back.  So many.  I´m glad some are going on missions, like Meg.  Makes the world feel a little less... fast.
Meg JUST LEFT?  Aww, I´m not gonna see her for a long time.  BUt, I´m so happy for her!  Good.  Thanks for the update.  Cody should be home... next month, I believe.  Beginning of June, something like that.
I MISS ZION!  Can we go back soon?  I want to go back so badly, maybe even camp there... see all the stars.  Wow, that would be fantastic.  I´m glad you enjoyed it.  I want to go hiking lots.
I´ve gotten a lot of answers to prayers, too, since I came out here.  It started when I started praying well... sometimes I just prayed just to pray, but when I really started talking to Heavenly Father is when I started getting answers.  I love prayer, I love the feeling of sending thoughts to our omnipotent creator and feeling guidance about what I need to do.  It´s spectacular!  I´m with you, I need to ask for more answers to more questions.
Anyway, today we´re doing a branch meeting and we´re going to try to motivate the branch to share the gospel with their friends, specifically by carrying the Book of Mormon with them in their hand wherever they go.  It should create great curiosity and discussion opportunities, and give members a chance to tell their friends about what´s important to them.  I hope it works, wish us luck!
Also, more teaching =) Today, I´m expecting two uplifting lessons and one headache (one of our investigators is very ditsy, but in love with me...)
I love you all!  Take care!

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