Apr 9, 2013

Trent's email 4/3/13

Mom, Dad, Cody,
Hey everyone.  I´m doing well.  We went to the campsite in Bonao where we played sports and cooked and enjoyed the mountains and fresh air.  I like the small town, but I don´t think I´d want to live here for a long time... I think I´d get bored!  I´d have to have lots of parties with lots of crazy things to do, or something.  Make my own fun.  I could make it work.  I definitely prefer the tranquility.  It´s nice to be able to sleep at night and only hear chickens crowing.  Well, that´s not true about my current house, but we´re going to move soon (there´s a really obnoxious bar in front).  I like the peace.
We can travel to some small villages along the freeway, but we haven´t.  There are lots of people to contact around here.  In my district, though, I travel to another small city. I was there for a companionship exchange the other day, it was very cool.  Very small.  The missionaries needed a little enthusiasm for knocking doors, cuz it´s hard in such a small town.  Lots of people think they´re from the CIA, so they hide a lot.
Vegas sounds like fun.  I don´t remember Fremont Street, have I been there?
I hope Dad finds a good job that he likes.
Wow, I got the Easter Package.  DELICIOUS!  Thank you so much.  THose reese´s... Wow. I can´t believe America is so delicious sometimes.  And I´m crazy about cadbury eggs.  Thank you so much.  You´re the best!  I already finished the bag of cadburys that Courtney sent me last week, so it was much needed =)
I´m really happy that Becca´s going to mutual.  It´ll help her learn, little by little.  WE´re hoping that lots of people come to our activity tonight, it´s supposed to be a movie night.  We´re also praying that our Branch President actually planned the activity this week, because they didn´t last week.  They´re very stressed sometimes.
I´m sorry your job is boring.  You could do a random survey with all the students, ask them questions as they walk by, do Psychology experiments on 8th graders.  That would be fun =)
I was reading Our Legacy this week, and it´s INCREDIBLE to think about the sacrifice of those old pioneers.  I hope to have that much faith one day.  WOW.  Brigham Young was poorer than poor.  I just can´t believe how they lived.  So much hope, such a dream.  And Joseph Smith, despite all the persecution inside and outside the church, people calling him crazy, tarring and feathering him... I can´t imagine how he kept a grip on it all.  Sometimes I get really frustrated with mission work if I lose a good investigator, but they lived through EVERYTHING.
We had a really cool experience with a doctor, Pabell.  He said he felt something really impressive as he read the Book of Mormon and is really interested in visiting Church.  Unfortunately, he´s going to America for a month. It´s great, though, to see that people find the truth when they truly search for it.  I KNOW that Book comes from God because of the way I feel when I read it, the things it has taught me, and the way it helps me know how to truly follow Jesus Christ.  I hope you all are reading it to strengthen your testimonies, so that one day we can see His face again.
What´s going on in Korea?  I´ve heard "war," "Red alert," and "nuclear missles."  Please keep me updated!
Anyway, I love you all.  Have a fantastic week.
Elder Taylor

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