May 7, 2013

Trent's email 5/1/13

Dear Mom,
It´s been a great day.  I´m burnt.  We went and played basketball (We had six missionaries and a member playing basketball, and then soccer, and it was great fun, even though I´m terrible at soccer and my Peruvian companion walked all over us), I did laundry, we went shopping.  Later, we have some great lessons that I´m excited for.  We met some REALLY pro-bible (and therefore anti-Book of Mormon) people this week, but they´re intrigued by the BoM, so I´m excited to go back there and see what we can do.  The Spirit is essential.
I´ve learned a whole lot about Jesus Christ and faith and I´m excited to practice everything that I´ve learned.  Life gets more and more intriguing as I learn more about the gospel.  More fulfilling.  
I´m trying to help my companion learn english.  It´s going well.  He understands almost everything.  We also went to go teach english in a high school, that was very fun.  Everyone payed attention really well, I guess it was like, the special guest factor.  
Melanie got married.  Wow.  How excellent!  Good for her.  I can´t wait to see Mandi´s wedding invitation.  I sure hope Rachel writes me soon.
Go Saya!  There are lots of sisters in our mission who are training and they´re brand new, too.  Three months in, and they´re training.  District leader?  They have female district leaders?  Can they do baptismal interviews?  Go Japan.  I hope to visit there one day.
Good for Danielle!  I didn´t know she was going to Montana.  That´s one of the facebook missions, so you´ll see lots of her there.  
It was strange teaching english in the high school.  Made my head really spin, remembering Pine View.  We have a weird system where the last three weeks of school aren´t worthwhile.  That should change... it´s really just a waste of tax money.
I´ve been thinking a little bit about all the problems here, and I wish I could help with the economy.  There are so few jobs, so many people that WANT to work, but can´t.  And then, rich politicians that do nothing.  I just don´t get it.
WWOOWW.  A family of Rockers?  Kids playing van halen and stuff?  That´s cool.  I can´t wait for different cultural experiences.  It´ll be great to be outside of Utah!  Haha.
I haven´t seen members with the Book of Mormon in their hands, but there are lots of people that ask us for more copies.  "I´m going to give two copies to people, so bring them here!"  I feel like everyone´s really excited to share the gospel.  Maybe the carrying it around doesn´t work, but the giving it away sure has increased.  I think I´m going to carry it around with me all the time when I get home, even at BYU, if nothing else just to help people remember the importance of reading it.  Maybe.
Aah, career.  That´s just a headache waiting to happen.  I was so certain before my mission, but I had such a limited view of the world at that time.  There are so many things that I could do.  Prayer will be very important.  Very, very important.  Courtney´s mom said I should stop worrying about it and pray about it when I get home, but I have to sign up for classes on the 24th of October (yeah, i checked), so I want to know before that day.

Anyway, I love you all.  I know this work is very important, and that Jesus Christ is our Savior.  LEARN ALL YOU CAN ABOUT HIM, EVERY DAY.
And say sincere prayers.
Elder Taylor

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