May 21, 2013

Trent's email 5/15/13

Aww, you guys are the greatest!
So, I have to tell you to check out Courtney´s blog.  Jerusalem sounds amazing.
Meanwhile, I sure hope Kaden´s alright.  I know he really liked her.  What mission is she in? Who´s her mission President?  Sheri´s dad is a mission president out there somewhere...
I´m glad we can entertain you with our drama.  Hahaha.
So, the new plan was okay, but we decided that it still needs some rennovation.  We´re going to do a lot of talking to lots of people, but also more teaching as well.  We´ve found some really good people.  Yesterday we went to an excellent zone conference where we talked about the importance of service (Mother Teresa was mentioned and quoted many times...  She´s Sister Douglas´s idol), and talked about helping our progressing investigators in more specific ways... We should be constantly processing how to help them have more significant prayers, enjoy church, read the scriptures, answer their questions, but also have good friends in church and not depend on us completely.  It was a fantastic capacitation, and I´ve been thinking a lot about it lately.  I think it´s going to be a really successful five months.
I´m teaching my companion the piano, and I´m practicing singing.  I´m going to do more singing when I get home, if I can afford it.
All the stuff that´s happened lately has really caused me to think about the purpose of marriage, what is happiness, how does marriage fit in the plan, and what I want to do after the mission.  In conclusion, I´m not capable of deciding anything until I get home, so I´m not going to worry about it.
Umm, I love you all.
Take care! See you soon!  Have a blast in Disney World!

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