May 14, 2013

Trent's email 5/8/13

Sounds like your prayers have been answered.  I sure am feeling better
than last week!
Ahh, it was just frustrating because it was a miscommunication.  I´m
okay.  Prayer does great things, but it´s important for me to do
everything I can first, and then ask the Lord to take care of what I
can´t do.  That´s my favorite scripture, if you remember.  2 Nephi
So, no one´s coming to Church.  It´s extremely frustrating, because
they appear committed when we talk to them.  I´ve decided for a
complete overhaul of the way we contact.  This area´s so big with so
many untouched neighborhoods (granted, takes a little bit of walking
to get to them) that we´re not gonna teach anyone we meet unless we
feel VERY motivated to teach them, but rather invite many, many, many
people to come to Church, give them pamphlets of the Plan of Salvation
(for some reason, we have over a thousand of those in the house) and
teach the people that respond.  Maybe someone is prepared, waiting for
the Gospel, and just needs an invitation.  Maybe no one will come to
church, but someone will read the pamphlet, and ask us questions about
it, and then we´ll know that they´re truly interested.  Before, we
would just sit down with whomever we could and try to get them
interested in the message; it hasn´t been working.  Pray for us to
find the people that are waiting for us!  And that we have strength to
walk very far, sometimes getting very wet... it´s rainy season!  But,
there´s no greater cause.
Man, those people in high leadership callings have to have fantastic
spiritual experiences.  I mean, it has to be really really difficult
to do what they do, so without those motivating experiences, I don´t
think they could do it.  Plus, they´re called to be special witnesses
of Christ.  What a joy would that be.  But, a huge burden, surely.
I´ve had the chance to talk to some area seventies here, and they´re
wonderful people.
I´ve really been bothered this morning by poverty.  It´s depressing.
They tell us as missionaries that we´re not supposed to give out money
or food to anyone, which makes sense, because we can´t become a source
of physical dependance, but it´s so sad to see a guy without family
and without the ability to work beg for food.  Everyone deserves a
chance.  Everyone needs someone to love them.  How can I, one person,
help so much poverty, so much sadness?  It´s a puzzle I´m going to
work on.
Wao.  The stake is full of missionaries.  What stake are we in now?
It´ll be funny to go home to a stake that I don´t know.
I don´t know if I just missed the boat, or what, but I don´t think I
ever really received direct answers to my prayers before the mission.
Once, about the Book of Mormon.  But, here, I get answers daily.  It´s
incredible.  I love studying the scriptures and living a clean life.
Those things, I don´t ever want to change.  What could be better than
receiving information from an all loving omnipotent Being about your
daily purpose, or your individual questions?  I´m so thankful for all
the sacrifices I´ve made to be here, and all of yours, family, and all
the ones other people have made, because they helped me realize what´s
truly important, helped me come closer to my Savior.  I wrote a poem
about eight months ago, that I want to share with you (With one change
thanks to Elder Grover)
I gave Him my heart,
My girlfriend,
A ton of walking,
And two whole years.
He cleansed my soul,
Amplified my love,
Strengthened my step,
And taught me to treasure each day.

Don´t take the girlfriend part too literally, alright?

Anyway, that´s how I feel.

I love you all!  Have a fantastic week!  Talk to you on Sunday!
Élder Trent Taylor

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