Jun 24, 2013

Trent's e-mail 6/19/13

Thanks Mom.  I always look forward to your emails, because I know you're just full of support and love :D  I'm glad I have time to talk to you all every week.  I'm so jealous!  I want to see Virginia!  Everyone's going places!  Wish I could be there.  Zoe just graduated, they sent me photos, Courtney's walking around in the garden of Gethsemane, Becca's in San Francisco and Virginia, Saya's in Japan... But I'm happy here in Montecristi.   Too many things to do, I can't be everywhere!  Although I would've liked to.  But, I know I'm supposed to be here.  I know it.  We had a really cool experience the other day with a new investigator, "Auri." She read the Intro to the book of Mormon, and I saw she highlighted the part where Joseph Smith said, "This book will bring a man closer to God than any other." This country believes highly in the bible, so lots of people really don't like that sentence, and I was expecting her to say something similar.  But, when she asked about it, she just said, "When I read that... I just knew it was true.  I don't know how I knew it... But I did." Our neighbor, who is a member, is a really good friend of hers, and so it was HER that brought us to visit her in the first place, and now she's really progressing.  It's incredible.  She came to church on Sunday, and I think this is really going to change her life.
I haven't gone back to the beach, unfortunately, but I'm sure enjoying the breeze that she gives me! The Haitian market has been closed because of a strike, so I wasn't able to buy a hammock still...  But that will happen.  The house is good.  We need to fix the plumbing, but it's alright.  Spacy. 
So on monday, I had to navigate my area alone, and it wasn't too hard.  I learned that if I really pay attention, it's not impossible, but I have to really focus.  And, luckily, Dominicans are really nice people so they tell you where to go as long as you know the name.  
I think one of the biggest temptations in this life is distraction.  Satan doesn't need us to be bad, he just needs us to be mediocre.  There are so many horrid things happening in this world, so much poverty, so much hopelessness, so much abuse, and sometimes we just let it pass by.  It's a shame.  A crying shame.  Living in a third world country helps you figure out what really matters, and I see so much of that in Elder Chalas.  People are so important.  
Becca sent me a picture of Ayvah, I'm glad you have a little bundle of smiles in ýour house :D  
Soon we're going to have a meeting with a woman from a program here called Outreach 360.  They focus on literacy, primarily in children, in Spanish and English.  We're hoping we can help serve them.  Montecristi is a fish harbor.  So many people are just fishermen, never really cared about school.  There's not much employment here.  Oh, they also make lots of salt.  There's no tourism, because it's so far from any interesting sights, even though the beach is beautiful.  I LOVE the members, though.  And there's just a positive, happy attitude about mission work.  Probably thanks to Elder Chalas.
I love you all!  Take care, take lots of pictures of Virginia, especially if you get the chance to visit the universities there...
You're the best!
Elder Trent Taylor

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