Jun 5, 2013

Trent's email 5/29/13

Aww, mom, you´re the best.
I´m glad your summer is happy for now, even though the heat maybe won´t be too happy.  I want you all to see the flowers and trees and sunrises and beaches in this country (well, I still haven´t seen any beaches with my own eyes, but the pictures are INCREDIBLE...).  Its such beautiful countryside!  Two weeks ago I was in a very tranquil forest by a river with the most INTERESTING leaves and plants and things.  Wow.  You all need to come see it. Even though we´ll probably never get to that forest, because Cotuí´s pretty far from civilization.  I´m not looking forward to the summer.  Sounds like President´s gonna transfer me next week, so I could end up by the beach, or in some REALLY HOT area.  Cotuí is average.
Have you ever tried eating cactus?  I think I´m gonna try it when I get home.  There´s a little cactus here. Therés lots of Aloe Vera.  LOTS.  
I can´t wait to get home and practice music again.  I miss it.  Tonight we have a ward talent night, but I don´t think hardly anyone is participating... I prepared a Come Thou Fount arrangement... we´ll see how it goes.  I´m also accompanying the primary president.  I think lots of investigators will be there, so I´m sure hoping we´ll make a good impression.  Please pray for us.
Hahaha, easy going people... I feel like I would ruin that whole atmosphere.  I have developed self control on the mission, but I´m still hyperactive sometimes.
Becca sent me pictures of the tube, looks like it was really fun!
Our new place is much better.  We´re very happy.  We spent today cleaning the old place.  We finally got electricity on Monday, for a total of 22 days without light, but it´s really not that hard on the mission.  The most difficult part was washing everything by hand, and then getting home at night to a dark house.  Other than that, we hardly ever use the fridge or the blender, and there´s no such thing as TV, air conditioning, or hot water heaters, so we just charged our phone in the church.  We have keys to the chapel, which I find weird.  It was wonderful to have cereal with cold milk on Tuesday morning, though (I´m finally used to the milk).
We found a japanese family in our area, and I emailed Meg and Saya to give me some Japanese tips, and they did!  I love those girls!  So great.
You guys have to meet Sister Douglas.  She´s SO COOL!  Even if Pilates is laughable, my back feels way better.
Yeah, so here´s the thing with the weather.  No day is rainy, no day is sunny, no day is cloudy.  Weather changes by the hour.  Two hours ago, it was storming.  Right now, it´s cloudy.  An hour ago, it was sunny.  It´s just crazy. You never know when you´re going to get soaked.  The worst part is that life shuts down when it´s raining because Dominicans are rainaphobic (yes, that is a made up word).  They think that if their heads get wet, they´ll get the flu or they´ll get a headeache, without fail.  I don´t know what the temperature´s like here, but I´m not excited for summer.  Thanks for your prayers!
Best family ever.
Elder Taylor

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