Jun 12, 2013

Trent's email 6/5/13

Hey Mom! and Dad!
I DID get transferred!  I'm in Montecristi.  Buh bye, rain, hello beach!  I'm stoked.  It's on a side of the mission that I've never been before, clear up in the corner of the map.  Literally, the corner.  Half an hour from the Haitian border and ten minutes from the beach.  My companion is Elder Chalas, he'll be done with the mission this transfer, and he's one of the most energetic missionaries I've ever met.  From the DR.  We'll be quite a dynamic duo.  I'll definitely finish the mission here.  Also, Elder Barrus came up to this Zone with me, so we'll be doing companionship exchanges, for which we are extremely excited.  He was my companion in Provo, and we always dreamed about ending the mission together.  Furthermore, we're close to the beach (which I've yet to see my whole time in the mission), and the really cheap Haitian market.  I'm stoked!  It will be extremely hot with lots of large mosquitoes, but God gave us sunscreen and bug spray for a reason :)  Elder Matos is a great friend of mine, now, and I have lots of good friends in the mission.  I'm so grateful for technology so I can keep in touch with people all over the globe.
I bet that celtic concert was really fun!  I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves.  It's good for Dad to suffer a little, give him a little culture.  =)
Dad's resilience is incredible.  I sure hope to be able to work as hard as he does.  Great man.
Will you do me two favors, Mom?  first, I need more of that under the retainer floss, that's good for threading.  Also, I want you to start doing a little bit of research about medical schools, especially with good neurology programs, so I can get in contact with them my first day home.  I really need your help, because I want to take off as soon as I get home, but I don't want to take time worrying about it right now, and I know I can trust you to do some thorough research (especially in your free time).  Thank you!
Do you all need anything?  in the Dajabon market, we find everything from footballs to waffle irons to tennis shoes, and VERY VERY cheap.
Furthermore, what kind of souveneir can I get for you all?  A dominican girlfriend?  Or.... bags?  Scripture cases?  There's a cool guy here who does stitched leather scripture cases where you can put whatever design or picture or temple or scripture on the case.  They're really cool, and I have some with the DR and the St. George Temple.  I love them!  Lots of different colors.  And TAYLOR on the side.
Anyway, I love you all!  Let me know what kind of things I can find you!
Elder Taylor

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