Jul 10, 2013

Trent's email 7/4/13

Mom!  Dad!
Look, China got baptized.  Her son baptized her, he's the Branch president.  Isn't it cool?  Also, I went to the beach with my zone.  I really like the beach.  I was quite excited, and quite crazy about being on the beach.  
I'm sorry it was so hot!  Wow, I'm not suffering that badly.  I mean, I don't love the heat, but I sure don't have problems with like, dying if I'm out in the sun at 7 AM.  I love Montecristy.  There's alwasy a breeze.  Always.
Thanks for looking up continents for me.  I really was curious about that.  I'll have to show that information to Elder Matos, with whom I often debated the issure.  
I hope everything works out well with the drought.  I feel like in the US, it's not a big deal.... there's always a rich people solution.  I feel like here, it would kill lots of people.  But, at any rate, I hope it works out.  Also, I'm super happy that girl's camp went well!  And that Alysa had a good experience.  Good good good!  It's so good of you to be willing to serve... I'm sure it's really stressful for anyone to try to do it. 
Accounting doesn't sound too fun.  I don't know what I'm going to do with my life, but we'll figure it out along the way.  Which reminds me, Darlene wants me to thank you for keeping up my blog, she reads it frequently, apparently.  Great lady :)  This is a shout out.  Don't worry, Darlene, I'm not stressing out too much about my career.  Thanks for caring about me!
Oh yeah, it's Independence day!  I just gave an American a high five.  That's the extent of my celebration.  I hope you all got to eat some really tasty hot dogs or hamburgers.  Yeah.  Good old american barbecue.  How I miss it.
Woow, I can't believe Becca is driving.  I can't believe it.  Good for her, I'm glad she's doing well.  Just don't let her fall of the freeway, like I almost did.  Do you remember that, Mom?  You were so patient with me!  I don't know how you didn't just forbid me to drive for the rest of forever!  Thank you :)  
I've beeen thinking a whole lot about leadership lately.  I'm a Zone leader in Montecristi, so Elder Chalas and I are in charge of all the missionaries' needs, especailly about teaching the gospel, training them, etc.  It's fun to think of new ways to motivate people, try to get to the root of WHY they don't do what they're supposed to, or what they can do better, how to do it, and what to focus on.  I have to learn to be very effective in a short amount of time, because we give short training meetings every week, and I have to learn to talk about the most important things first, and quickly.  I'm realizing how DIFFICULT it must be to be a bishop or President of ANYTHING, because you just have to organize your time, your information flow, your EVERYTHING so well, and everyone's always trying to criticize.  I'm learning so much, it's a fantastic experience, and I'm really glad to be able to participate in it.  I think it willl help me with my career, too.
As far as finishing the mission goes, it sounds like you're free to come pick me up, you just have to let me know so I can tell them not to buy a ticket for me.  Sounds like I'm still on a leash, though, as a missionary (no swimming, no movies...) unless I can shmooze President to release me or give me permission to have fun.  Just let me know, whatever you decide.
Love you all!  Relax, be happy, and enjoy life!  It's too short to be sad.
Elder Taylor

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