Aug 2, 2013

Trent's email 7/24/13

Good afternoon!
How are you all doing?  Becca says you're in Idaho.
...first week in my whole mission without an email.
I guess I've been taking it for granted!  This is so weird.
So, this weeks been good.  My companion... is... growing up.  He's a LOT like me when I started the mission... self righteous, intelligent, responsible, strict... just needs a little humility and love.  He's a good guy.  I like being with him.  Sometimes it really tests my patience, which is something I didn't realize that I was lacking until this week.  We cleaned the house, went to the beach, and ate.  And studied.
We're working on an open house in the chapel.  Leaders here don't do much. I've been taking control of the situation, really, trying to get them ot take the iniciative.  It should be a great chance to help people to meet the Church in a non-threating, friendly way.  I'm super excited.
We're working on finding more investigators, but I've decided to stop contacting.  Too much of that in my mission has never gotten anywhere hardly at all, so we're mostly doing what Dad suggested a long time ago: reactivating families and baptizing the children.  I like to focus on the fathers.  They're usually the weak spot of a family, especially in Church attendance.  I'm trying really hard to think about WHAT will motivate a person to go back to Church when they KNOW they should go, but just don't take the time to do it.  It's a very difficult puzzle to solve.
Darlene sent me a WONDERFUL package, lots of chocolate.  She's great!  I'm working on some souvenirs for Becca and Courtney and Valerie, too.  It's good stuff.
What else?  It's flying, my last few weeks.  I'm so sad to leave this work, this country, but so happy to be with you again, family.
Love you!

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