Aug 21, 2013

Trent's email 8/14/13

So, I emailed Becca.  Good for her!  Are you excited to start working
again??  That´s good that it´s a good environment.  I sure hope to find
a job quickly when I get home, I hope you´re looking a little,
talking to the ward members, etc.
You didn´t go to watch the tennis match?  Well, good!  I´m glad.  I
loved the picture.
Yeah, living in different places is dumb.  We have to be together,
guys.  It´s just a bad idea to try to be far away from the people you
love.  I don´t know how the married missionaries did it, I don´t know
how I´ve done it for so long, but I can´t wait to be with you all
again.  California sounds like too much fun, I´m stoked.  Really,
that´s incredibly exciting.  Thank you!  Trying not to be trunky...
okay, done.  Tell that bishop that I want to work SO HARD in the
church when I get home.  I want to talk in firesides and I want to go
on splits with the missionaries and I´ll do anything he needs done.
Until January.  Also, I need to confirm... what´s our bishop´s name?
And our Stake president?  And our ward?  Bloomington Hills Stake,
right?  They´re buying my plane tickets, so they need that
I would LOVE to clean trash at the parking lot at Tuacahn.  They don´t
realize how wonderful the TUACAHN is!  I can´t wait to go back to that
place!  What shows are going on this season?  Oh, man, I need a job.
Cool cool about the patriarchal blessing and the military orders.  I
mean, maybe Kuwait won´t be that fun.  But... he´s serving the
country.  So, that´s good.  Important.  I hope he doesn´t burn in the
sun.  I´m really glad it´s in January, I was hoping to be able to hang
out in Vegas with him for a couple of weeks and play basketball with
him and other stuff.  We´ll leave St. George together.  Good good.
No, I don´t think life will ever settle down.  My life´s about to get
really crazy in 8 weeks.
Courtney gets home tomorrow, she´ll be in Texas for two weeks, I
think.  Her parents are going to take her to New Orleans, which should
be fun.  Lots of weird, different food.  They live really close to the
border with Louisiana, so they´ve been taking excursions over there.
Her dad´s in the YM presidency, and he´s loving that.  Much less
stressful than Stake Pres.  She´s going to room with her little sister
this year, Rachel, who´s two and a half years younger than her.  Her
other sister is in Montana on a mission, I´m emailing her a lot
(Danielle).  Her other sister, Valerie, is doing marching band, and
loving it, and also is very excited to start school again.  Seems like
she really likes it.  Courtney´s mom sends me lots of emails.  Yes,
she will be graduating in April, but she´ll be taking 18 credits this
semester, which might actually kill her.  So, if she doesn´t die,
she´ll graduate.  Her winter term will just be student teaching.
Her blog is so cool, right!
So, some things I wrote in other emails that I wanted you people to read:
Great story.  The first counselor in the district presidency took us
to visit a family who has two less active members, two kids.  When we
showed up, they were super receptive.  When we went back yesterday,
they told us that they were in desperate need for some spiritual
upliftment, and were just so blessed by our visit, and they all want
to be baptized.  It´s great!  I love focusing on families and helping
them become better.
I´m having a fantastic week and am so
grateful for the mission.  I love the work we do. I love who I´m
becoming.  I love helping people.  The Lord is the best. I learned
this week about spiritual power.  I´m trying to put more emotion in my
prayers and exercise more hope and faith in my feelings when I give
blessings and teach.  I can feel the power that comes from Jesus
Christ´s name.
The mission´s great!  I can´t wait to read my journal with you all,
some really cool experiences that I´m recording!
See you soon!
Elder Taylor

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