Aug 27, 2013

Trent's email 8/20/13

And I´m writing on a Tuesday.  I hope it doesn´t upset you too badly, but tomorrow we have a special meeting with the area president, Elder Andersen, and won´t be able to write.  I´m also going to see Elder Nelson tomorrow, for which I´m super excited!
So, we´re working a ton with less actives and also some investigators that we´ve found.  It´s an adventure.  It´s fun to help people feel the Spirit and grow and commit to change.  I just wish everyone would do their home teaching.  I feel like it´s an essential part of being a member, and if you´re not doing it, you´re truly failing in your purpose in life.  I know life´s not easy, and I have a very skewed perception of things in my simple mission life, but I just feel like it´s important.  I think that if everyone would be a good home teacher, the full-time missionary program wouldn´t even be necessary.  Seriously.  Less actives would come back to church, people would preach the gospel for themselves... it would be so fantastic.  Maybe I´ll implement some Jehovah´s Witness tactics to get people to leave their house more often.  They´re excellent at that.
Montecristi´s a beautiful place which I love very much.  Especially the beach.
I´m learning so much about pride.  I guess that´s my biggest downfall.  I don´t know how to stop being prideful.  I´ve been getting really annoyed at my companion this week, but I realized yesterday that it´s my fault, not his.  I thought that I had solved this pride issue at the beginning of my mission, but it´s still there, just in different ways.  Christ is like a silversmith, I guess, just BURNING OUT those impurities.
We should have a baptism on September 28, maybe more, we´ll see how that goes.  
I´m happy, healthy, exercising, trying to eat well, working hard, and avoiding thinking about home as much as possible.  I love you all, and hope you have a great week!
Sincerely, and with lots and lots of love,
Elder Trent Taylor

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