Aug 13, 2013

Trent's email 8/7/13

Hey parents.
Best service experience ever!
So, on Tuesday morning, we wanted to do service, so we went to the "Mother Teresa Foundation," a social health care business where we often help clean and organize and so forth.  They had nothing for us to do there, so we decided to pick up trash in the street.  Dominicans don´t have an organized garbage system, so they often throw garbage in the street, therefore there´s a lot of it.  I thought people would just ignore us, laugh at us maybe.  Our neighbor did.  But, I found $100 pesos, and realized that God was happy with what I was doing.  My companion got really excited.  That´s like $2.50 in American.  Then, some lady saw us, got really excited, and offered us more bags so we could clean more.  A little kid started helping me pick up trash.  One man bought us two liters of soda.  I was so impressed by the response from the neighborhood, that it made me want to plan a bigger, better service project.  Especially about cleaning the community.  Maybe we´ll be able to make a difference in the Montecristi mentality about cleanliness.  I sure hope so.
I´m doing great.  I´m learning a lot, trying really hard.  I feel like I´m ready to live a better life than what I lived before.  I´m trying really hard to apply the things I´m learning here in a normal life aspect, think about how I´ll apply it when I´m home.  I love my mission.  I can´t believe it´s almost over, 9 short weeks, but I´m happy.
We´re teaching Carmen, Yamivi, Auri, and Felix JosĂ©, all of whom came to church two weeks ago, none of whom came to church this Sunday.  It´s very difficult.  The open house was well organized, but hardly anyone showed up.  We´re planning on having another, better-announced open house in a month or so.
Umm, there´s not much more going on!  Leadership skills, life.  I´m happy.  I think I´m happier than ever.  I love you all.
Elder Trent Taylor

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