Sep 17, 2013

Trent's email 9/11/13

It´s been a great week!  We had Leadership Council, I taught a music class, Church was really fun, and we had some good experiences in a zone meeting on Monday.  Today, I went to the beach again with lots of Americans, it was really fun, and now I´m here.
Leadership Council was cool.  Sister Douglas gave us three tools to group teaching.  1) Participation 2) struggle 3) action!  If we´re teaching, and people aren´t participating, they won´t learn anything.  We can´t spoonfeed them information, either.  Information for which they struggle is much more valuable to them than information that is given.  Then, they have to practice what they learned.  They have to act, they have to fast if they´re learning about fasting, etc.  It was great!  We had some opportunities to apply it, as well, in a Zone meeting, which I liked.
I wish I would´ve started teaching music classes at the beginning of my mission.  I´m teaching them the pentagram, the treble clef, and basic rhythms, but it´s not very easy to teach.  I´m learning so much!  There are lots of women who want to learn, but no men.  It´s a bummer.  Hopefully they send another musical elder to take my place.
Also in leadership council we talked about English.  President wants all the missionaries to learn English, so we´re going to use english in each meeting.  We started off by having my companion give his testimony in English on Monday, and it was a great experience for me!  I felt the spirit very strong, and was very happy.
I´m going to miss the mission.  You´re right, I´ll be very bored very quickly, but I´m planning on making myself busy very quickly as well, so no worries.
I wanted to add Chemical Engineering to the list of careers I´m looking into.  Courtney´s dad does that, and Darlene tells me about it all the time, and I was looking at the classes on BYU... it sounds really interesting.
I love teaching people.  Carmen is maybe 65 years old, and China, the woman who got baptized not too long ago and I sent you photos, is one of her best friends.  “What are you doing here?” was the first thing she said to me when I met her.  Two missionaries left her a Book of Mormon for her birthday many many years ago—in those days, she lived next door to the missionaries, and took care of them like a mother.  She really grew to love them, but somehow kept thinking that we worship Joseph Smith and didn´t want anything to do with the Church.  Now, she´s committed to be baptized on the 28th.  She wants to pay tithing, she understands the role of prophets, and she´s so happy to be learning about Christ.  Each member we bring to her house gets to hear the testimony that “Elder Cayton” and “Elder Philpot” put in the back of that Book of Mormon.  It´s a huge blessing to be able to teach her.
Also, Auri is progressing well.  She´s having some really great experiences with the Book of Mormon.  It´s helping her while she takes care of her grandmother who has Alzheimer´s.  I really love teaching and helping people!
I´m so grateful to be on the mission.  It´s a fantastic experience.
Yeah, I think Kevin Steed went to Madagascar!  I know him. Cool.  Weird that I´ll be just one of a million returned missionaries back there... I feel so unique as a missionary here.
AHH!! I love the Smiths.  Can´t wait to see them again!  Good good good.  And I´m glad to hear that dad´s taking good care of my car =) 
Don´t worry, I´ll have things to do. People to get in contact with, facebook pictures to update, online classes to take, piano to practice, family to visit, and Becca to play with, and movies to catch up on, and hopefully something to do in the Church.  I´ll be okay.  Oh, and BYU football to watch.  YEAH!  hahaha.  I want Texas sheet cake, chocolate pudding dessert, and chocolate cake with white frosting SO BADLY!
Anyway, I love you, family.  Talk to you soon!
Trent Taylor

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