Sep 24, 2013

Trent's email 9/18/13

So glad to talk to you.  I hope you're doing as well as you make me think in your email, and Becca's behaving well.
Hahahaha, I'm glad Becca's a good driver.  I'd hate to come home to a ruined Esme, seeing as she's the only asset I really have right now.  Good for her.  Well, I hope the not buying a Fiat works out, even though I might want Becca to have one.... Hahaha.  Good luck.  Becca can't drive the truck!  Let me drive it.  That'll be fun.  I'll get lots of girls that way =)  Yeah, he does spoil us.
Did you find anything great in Vegas?  I think I'm definitely going to need some new clothes.  I'm so tired of white shirts.  I know I have some stuff packed away, and I love Grammy's vneck that she sent me.  I'm excited to use it when I get home.
Zombie targets?!  I'm so glad you are fun people, I think I'd want to stay on the mission for forever if you guys weren't awesome.  As it is, I'm excited to start real life again and spend time with you three.  I need to learn to shoot well, too, seeing as I will one day be a husband and father.
There really are no opportunities for them to learn piano out here.  It's depressing.  But, I'm helping.  Wow, I bet the professional training was great!  I really hope I can do a capella music when I get home, just as a hobby.  I love it so much.  I've been listening to lots of classical music lately.  It makes me really happy, just inspiring, really.  The primary program will be fun.
Okay, plan on me going to Sacrament meeting on the 20th in California.  I don't know where or how, but I want to go.
  And I want you to come with me.
Yeah, I don't know what I'm going to do.  I really am considering Chemical Engineering.  I need to do lots of shadowing too, when I get home.  I think I'll take a semester of basic general classes to help me get back into the groove and give me some time to make a definite decision, do service, do shadowing, do reading, talk to professionals, and then I'll have three more months and a lot more experience when I committ to a career.  I don't know when I'll get out of school, but I don't want to do something that I won't like, and if I've learned anything on the mission, it's that the most important decisions need to be made slowly.
God does guide us when we trust Him and pray to Him.  I love receiving it.  I've done it today, I've done it this week.  The scriptures really help.  I don't know where I'll be in two years, but I know I'll be happy because I'll keep the commandments, and get God's help in everything I need.  I can't wait to start life again.  It'll be a challenge, but it'll be an adventure. 
Good luck with homework!  I love chemistry!  Thanks for the package!  I might need a few more dollars to pay for it, because I'm seriously short on cash.  I spent very unprudently for the first year of my mission, and now I'm paying for it.  I wish I would've been smarter!
Anyway, I love you Mom! Dad!  Have a great week!  See you in three!

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