Sep 10, 2013

Trent's email 9/4/13

APUSH??  Of course I remember junior year.  Hahaha.  Becca´s doing APUSH?  You go, girl!  I had no idea.  I learned a lot of very important things from that class, it really helps with college.  You have to write SO MANY ESSAYS in college, so it´s great practice! Good for her.  Well, I´ll help.  I like helping.  That´s so weird that Becca´s in APUSH.  I feel like she´s too young for that.  But, whatever.  Everyone´s old now.  I did an exchange with a greenie on Monday, and he´s 18 years old from South Jordan, he was the quarterback for Brigham High, and he´s dating a 16 year old.  I really tried to help him... his trainer´s chilean and doesn´t speak English, so he´s pretty lonely.  It´s hard to start the mission.  He says he feels really comfortable around me, so that´s good.  
Becca wrote me a short letter, I appreciate it.  I can´t wait to see her!  yeah.  It´ll be great.
My day is great.  Today we climbed the Morro, which is the little mountain here.  It was beautiful.  I am sunburned.  I also went to a beautiful beach and walked through very very soft sand.  MAN, it was great!  I love sand.  I think I want to live somewhere by the beach.  Or have a beach winterhome in the DR.  I don´t know.  I went with my companion and with the other two elders in town, Elder Mateo and Elder Salgado, from the capitol (spl?) and Honduras, respectively.  Then, we made a banana smoothie with rice and some delicious cheesy mashed potatoes and some beef.  Elder Salgado's a good cook.  Now we´re here.  This week we´ve taught quite a few people!  I love mission work. I love helping people.  I can´t wait to be able to do mission work at home, even if it´s significantly less.  I feel so out of place in this country, trying to help people I´ll never see again live better lives.  Maybe it´ll be harder than I imagine when I´m in my own city.  I´m not living a normal life, so how can I help them take their normal lives and make them better?  Everything´s through the spirit.  WOW, my comp is SO good at teaching with the Spirit!  I´ve seen quite a few miracles happen with him.  I want to share one.
So, we´re teaching a woman named Marina whose sister is active in the Church.  She was baptized about six years ago, but since then has gone back to the Evangelical Church due to doubts about Vicarious work.  We took time to talk to her about the Book of mormon and the importance of prophets.  My companion gave an example of Noah, who was a prophet for the people in his time.  She afterwards explained that she felt that God was answering her, because that very day she had been reading about Noah.  My companion said he just knew he had to talk about Noah, but he didn´t know why.  It really motivates me to study more and listen harder to the Spirit.  He´s such a good missionary!
Stuff like that happens often with him.  I´m learning a lot.
Hey, Mom, I love you.  You too, Dad.  you´re great.  Thanks for always staying in touch.  I had to sacrifice a lot of things to be able to serve the Lord for these two years, but I´m sure glad that you´re not on the list.  I don´t know what I´d do without you. And I know I´m not the only one who made sacrifices.  Just know that it´s all been worth it.

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