Oct 9, 2013

Trent's email 10/2/13

Dear Mom and Dad
ONE MORE WEEK!   WOOOO!!!!  I can´t wait to hug and kiss you both!  and BECCA!  WOOOO!!! 
That´s kind of scary.  Id like to know what Zoe thinks about the government shutdown, now that I know what you think.  I´ll be playing some fun federal government hockey when I get home, I guess, doing some research.  I´ve been thinking a lot about it lately, I read Jacob 2 the other day and really made me think about welfare programs and capitalism.  Lots of things to think about, I guess.  Life´s not very simple.  Aww, I sure hope I´ll be able to go to Zion!  
Yeah, I´ll be freezing cold in 70 degree weather.  But, whatever.  It´ll only last a few months, then I´ll get acclimatized.  
GAH!  I sure hope I get to see the painted mountains this year, I don´t want to wait another year!  I missed em last year.  We´ll see how it goes.
Thoroughly Modern Millie?  "FORGET about the Boy!"  I´ve been singing that song to myself for like, six months.  "Forget about the girl..."
Good stuff.
I love plays.  Sure hope I get to go to Tuacahn!  So many things I want to do.  I want to hang out with Grammy and Grandpa!  
Naw, don´t write me.  Early Wednesday I travel to Santiago, then I´ll be in the mission home on Wednesday, talking to all my friends in the mission that I see that day, we sleep there that night, and then we fly home earlycito in the morning.  (that´s spanish grammar.  It means really early.  Dad will laugh).  Thanks for the money!  I´m glad I was able to serve a mission, too.  You´ll see soon... I´v changed a lot.  In some ways.
This week we baptized Carmen.  I got to baptize her.  It was so special.  A wonderful way to end the mission.  I can´t wait to introduce you family to all these wonderful people whom I love so much, and who love me so much.  I love Montecristi, and I´m going to miss it SOO Much.  I can´t wait to show you all my pictures and tell you stories and read my journals with you.
Love you!  Over and out!
Elder Trent Taylor

Oct 1, 2013

Trent's email 9/27/13

A COUNTDOWN app?  Ooh, Mom.  You make me so happy!  Thanks for loving me so much.  Although when you say it like that, it starts to sound REALLY long.  I´m glad I don´t have a countdown app.  Phew.  It will be fun.  I am so excited to hang out with you guys.
My first day back?  Umm, I haven´t thought about it.  I want to wake up early (which is inevitable, because I´ve been waking up at 4:30 your time for two years straight), go running, study the scriptures, and then... idk.  We should eat together so we can just chat. I just want to chat.  Maybe show you pictures, and see your pictures, tell you about my goals, get career advice, listen to good music, learn to dance salsa using YouTube...  We could play video games together, we could watch movies.  It doesn´t matter.  I have some souvenirs to give you.  I guess I can unpack mostly on Monday when you all are at work and school.  I want to watch the BYU Notre Dame game on Saturday. Talk to the stake president and set up the appointment, please, so I can go swimming.  Oh, do I want to go swimming!  I don´t know if you all will want to come with me for that, though.  I sure hope I have some goggles and a jammer packed up in my storage stuff so I can swim laps. I´m glad I have a room, too.
Yes!  Thanks for the money.  Do you think I´ll need some extra money just in case for unplanned flight expenses?  It might be a good idea.  
I don´t need a good job, I won´t even have 3 months to work.  Thanks for filling that out!  I sure hope it works.  I appreciate your help.  
Football!  Yeah.  I hope you had fun at the game.  I´m glad Becca had lots of social activities.  I think I´ll have to motivate her to get out of the house a bit more, being so social myself, huh?
Ah, Mom, don´t worry.  I definitely don´t want to live the same lifestyle that I lived before after seeing what I´ve seen here about real necessities and poverty, but I've learned a whole lot about patience and not judging.  Don´t sweat it.  I´m not the same kid that left two years ago.
I love you too!  Talk to you sooner than soon!